Watch Max Verstappen's surprised reaction to finding out he won the race


Watch Max Verstappen's surprised reaction to finding out he won the race

The Formula 1 race for the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka offered us one of the most bizarre scenes in recent years in the world of sports as Max Verstappen did not know that he was the new champion. Today, Verstappen triumphed over his rivals in a shortened version of the race in terrible weather conditions.

It was expected that a lower number of points would be awarded because a shortened race was run, but this was not the case. The Dutch driver finished ahead of his rivals and celebrated the race victory, but not the championship.

However, after the race, the organizer's signature stated that Verstappen was the new world champion. The Dutchman himself did not know that he was the champion and confusedly asked his team members how he won the title. The title was made possible by a series of debatable decisions by the organizers, who ended up deducting five seconds from Leclerc and awarding him the title.

In a race that lasted only about 40 minutes, Verstappen did the best and celebrated without any problems. Sergio Perez remained behind him, and Charles Leclerc was transferred from second to third place by deducting points, which meant the title for Verstappen.

The race was chaotic and several hours late. As planned, three laps were run this morning at 7 o'clock, and then after an accident and disaster on the track, the weather conditions worsened and it was decided to postpone the race.

Even Verstappen didn't know he was the champion.

A video of Verstappen's reaction when he found out he was the champion quickly became a hit on social networks.

The Dutchman was amazed and did not even believe that he was the champion and expected that he would have to wait until the next race for the trophy. He asked the representatives of his team in amazement if they were sure that he was the champion and if he could go celebrate.

The reaction went viral. It turned out that Charles Leclerc was penalized five seconds and moved from second to third position that gave him the title. Also, maximum points were awarded, although the race was shortened, so Verstappen ended up taking the world title.

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