W series cancels three remaining races due to financial difficulties

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W series cancels three remaining races due to financial difficulties

The All-women W Series had issued a statement saying that the F1 feeder event for woman racers had to suspend its three remaining races after having been met with a steep financial upheaval. Aside from that, British racer Jamie Chadwick took the driver's championship title home for a third straight season in a row.

In the matter of the fact, latest move from W series to suspend all of its remaining events came against the backdrop of a remark from W Series founder and CEO Catherine Bond Muir, while Muir was quoted saying that she might have to suspend the W series events in the US and Mexico citing she had been facing off mass-scale difficulties over collecting a financier or sponsor for the remaining races.

On top of that, latest remark from Muir comes over the heels of a comment from F1 Chief Stephen Domenicali, while the F1 Chief was quoted saying that he is not expecting a female driver in Formula One for at least next half a decade.

W series suspends races in US and Mexico

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, W Series Chief Catherine Bond had addressed that the event had not received funds which it had been expecting to receive.

Besides, Catherine Bond Muir added, “Due to recent unforeseen circumstances outside of W Series' control, we had not been in receipt of contracted funds due to us. Therefore, we have been forced to make the unfortunate decision not to complete our scheduled calendar this season.

We've just had to call it because obviously there are deadlines on payments and things that need to be done... we just had to make a pragmatic call today. Going forward, the big message is that I am extremely confident that W Series will be here next year”.