Hamilton F1 battle with Ocon in Suzuki was “the most fun”

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Hamilton F1 battle with Ocon in Suzuki was “the most fun”

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has recently opened up about his battle for fifth place with Esteban Ocon in a wet, dawdling and disorganised Japanese GP. In the matter of the fact, Lewis Hamilton, the winner of the highest number of podium finishes alongside F1 driver’s championship title, said that his duel with Ocon has been the most funny part in the event.

Hamilton opens up on his duel with Ocon in Suzuki

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a media about his duel for the sixth place over last weekend’s Suzuki GP, Hamilton said, “I had a lot of fun. He did a great job staying on track and staying ahead, obviously he was very, very quick on the straights.

I was trying everything, but we I think we had the most fun. I don't know how other people had it. Hamilton insisted that he was satisfied with his day and had no issue with the wet conditions. I don't feel frustrated, because it was a sprint race.

I did the best I could, and I'm happy that we at least got some points today. We were just so slow in a straight line. I was getting close, as close as I could. You could probably see it on the TV, as soon as I pulled out they would just pull away.

I wish it was a longer race. I'm glad that we got some laps for the fans here. Although it's not really a massive race for them, considering how long they waited. I think it was awesome. I mean, that's what motor racing is about.

I had a blast. It was so tough, so hard to see. I think the restart that we had at the end, I think it was perfect timing, and I just wish we could have gone longer into a bit of the dark. We lost a little bit of the light”.

Hamilton had been chasing Ocon for most part of the race and he eventually finished the race at sixth, falling short of just 0.64 seconds.