Suzuki GP needed most tyre management ever, says Russell

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Suzuki GP needed most tyre management ever, says Russell

George Russell, the Mercedes’ F1 driver who is standing at fourth place in driver’s championship title race with 207 points alongside seven podium finishes, unveiled in an interview over recent past that the F1 Suzuki GP in Japan required the “most tyre management ever” he had witnessed in his career.

Russell finished at ninth place at an utterly chaotic Japanese GP, where visibilities were plunging to a few metres on multiple occasions. On top of that, Russell has feasible reasons to be frustrated, as he was left behind soon after the start following a pit stop where he was trapped twice.

Aside from that, while duelling for the seventh place, Russell had engaged in a debate with the Team’s engineers on whether he should come in for a pit stop.

Russell frustrated on Japanese GP pit stop

Nonetheless, he eventually had to obey the command to pit and followed his teammate Hamilton, however, he lost several valuable seconds as his car was double stacked.

Meanwhile, after emerging from the pit lane, a disappointed Russell was quoted saying “That was the worst decision we made”. Besides, as Russel made his way into ninth place from twelfth, he said on radio during overtaking, “That was the silver lining, that was enjoyable and fun.

But it was truly a race of tyre management. It was probably the most amount of tyre management I’ve ever done in a F1 race, considering it being wet, it’s pretty surprising. It capped off two bad races for us for various reasons.

Yeah, we need to review and see what happened” Russell finished the Japanese GP ahead of Latifi at eighth and tallied 4 points, however, had lost the seventh and sixth place by just 1.30 and 1.31 seconds, respectively, which might be covered, had he been able to avert the double stacked pit stop.

Alonso and Vettel finished at seventh and six place, respectively, just 1.3 seconds ahead of the Mercedes’ Juggernaut as beforementioned.