Ricciardo wishes F1 could be more flexible with start times

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Ricciardo wishes F1 could be more flexible with start times

Ricciardo, the 33-year-old Aussie who is more likely to depart the F1 by end-2022, as his contract termination with McLaren has left him with no choice but to await a year for an F1 driving seat, said in an interview with a media outlet that the F1 must be more flexible with race start time.

In the matter of the fact, coming into halfway of the Suzuki GP track over last weekend, Ricciardo made the remarks on radio. In a neutral standpoint, this year’s Japanese GP has proffered a horrendous experience for a number of drivers with the qualifying reminding the memories of a deadly crane crash back in the 2014, as Pierre Gasly was quoted saying he was just two metres away from passing away after averting collision with a recovery crane.

Nonetheless, Sunday’s event also was interrupted by rains and F1 made delays in starting the race.

Ricciardo disappointed on F1 over Suzuki GP delay

Amid growing downpour in a Suzuki Japanese GP track with visibilities plunging below a few metres, the race began at local time 2 pm.

Besides, after the race had been resumed, only forty minutes were left on a given three-hour time limit which were sufficient to complete 28 laps out of 53. Besides, full points were handed out as part of the FIA rule book.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, McLaren driver Ricciardo had told while awaiting for the race to resume, ”We want to race. Where I wish we could do better is… I know it’s easy saying it now, but we knew this rain was going to come.

It’s like 2014. “Even if you bring it forward an hour, maybe we gain 20 laps at the beginning and you can still make a race of it. That’s where again, let’s try and learn something from this. I know there’s TV and everything, there’s a big part of it. Ultimately, we want to have a race”.