(VIDEO) Schumacher suffered a serious accident that resulted in a spinal injury

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(VIDEO) Schumacher suffered a serious accident that resulted in a spinal injury

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, or DTM as it is more commonly known, is an event in German motorsport where entries for the current season have already been sent in; the event's current season ended last weekend. The race that was held last weekend on the most famous German track, the one at Hockenheim, will unfortunately not be remembered for its winner or any crazy maneuvers made by drivers, but rather for the accident that took place in which a famous family name was involved.

Ralph's son

David Schumacher, the 20-year-old son of Formula One driver Ralf Schumacher, from the Netherlands, is the nephew of perhaps the greatest Formula One driver of all time, Michael Schumacher, who is one of the most successful race car drivers in history.

The German collided with Thomas Preining before one corner, after which both ended up in the guardrail, but Schumacher fared much worse, as the car slid uncontrollably for several hundred meters after the accident occurred.

As a result of their collision, another driver crashed out violently into the road, causing his car to catch fire, but fortunately, he was able to escape uninjured.

The first examinations did not reveal anything

Schumacher was believed to have suffered the same fate after being examined and released by a doctor.

However, he experienced back pain at home, after which he visited the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a serious spinal injury. Schumacher suffered a vertebra injury, which will result in six weeks of recovery, which includes strict rest.

Luckily for him, it's a time that is actually a break between the season that just ended and the next one. David Schumacher cannot boast of any enviable results in this competition. This season he did not win a single point, from which we can conclude that he is still far from his father, who was a respectable Formula 1 driver with victories in six Grand Prix races.

Not to mention the uncle. What this collision looked like, as well as the driver's reactions, see in the video below the text.