Vettel may have decided to retire for not having a better team

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Vettel may have decided to retire for not having a better team
Vettel may have decided to retire for not having a better team

Sebastian Vettel, the 35-year-old F1 driver who is going to retire by end-2022, said in a recent interview that he might have stayed in F1, had he been provided with a better team. In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Vettel came against the backdrop of a poor run of form from the old-cookie, while a low-budget Aston Martin Team appeared to have failed to engineer a car that would have matched his standard.

Vettel won four straight driver’s championship title between 2010 and 2013 with Red Bull.

Vettel says he might have stayed in F1 with a better team

Speaking in an interview with a press agency on Friday, while being asked whether he would have stretched out his career at a better Formula One team, Vettel replied, “I don’t know.

Would I be retiring if I had been very competitive over the last three or four years: winning races, fighting for championships – maybe winning another one? “I might have come to the same decision. Equally, I might not have.

It’s impossible to say, but it has crossed my mind. Finishing 10th doesn’t give me a buzz because I know how it feels to finish first. If you’ve never finished first, the first time you finish 10th you get a real buzz.

But I’m happy that I don’t get a buzz from finishing 10th. I still love the sport. I still love racing. The decision to retire was a tough one, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I know how much commitment this sport requires, and I feel like it’s a good time to do other thing”.

Vettel’s decision over an untimely retirement had shaken many in the F1 arena, though the 35-year-old four-time F1 champion claimed that he would like to spend more time with family and other charitable activities.

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