Esteban Ocon on Pierre Gasly and the fact that he will be his teammate

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Esteban Ocon on Pierre Gasly and the fact that he will be his teammate

Esteban Ocon is happy with the fact that Pierre Gasly will be his teammate next season. The Alpine Formula 1 team has serious plans; “I mean, we started go-karting together. That's pretty crazy. I have a lot of fantastic memories obviously with Pierre when we were kids.

And you know, we lost ourselves a little bit. He was doing different championships, he went to Japan, I was staying in Europe, different teams, different times. But I think it would be great to collaborate together. It's not only myself now from Normandy, we are all three from Normandy, me, Pierre and the brand.

So if we can bring that team to the top and make Normandy win, that would be something special”. - he said, as quoted by He is looking forward to joint cooperation and what they want to do. “I think there are there are some great things that we can create there.

The minimum is for us to do a perfect job obviously for the team, and work well together. But I'm sure everything will be good. “You always want to beat your teammate when you are in F1. It's the same rivalry that you have with any teammate, because there's no French championship, there is no French/Spanish championship, so all good”.

Ocon and conversation

He confirmed that they had already talked: “We did. We had a photoshoot together. We had a couple of interviews. We did spend a little bit of time chatting. Yeah, it'll be fun”. Ocon did not want to talk about who will lead the main speech of the next season: “It's not something that I really focus on too much.

The important thing for me is to keep the job I’m doing, the development, the new floor that we brought in Singapore, I'm also the leader of that coming. “Fernando [Alonso] also gives his thoughts, I give my thoughts, and it's the work together that we bring that makes the important thing.

"For sure I will have the most experience, I know how the car works. But it is important for the team to get Pierre up to speed very quickly”.