McLaren boss Zak Brown says budge cap breach is a cheating

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McLaren boss Zak Brown says budge cap breach is a cheating

Amid conflicting narratives on whether Red Bull should be handed out a hefty punishment for breaching 2021 budget cap, McLaren Chief Zak Brown wrote in a letter to FI’s governing body, FIA, that any F1 team breaching the budget cap should be subjected to stiff sporting and financial penalties.

The British Broadcasting Corporation had revealed the details of the letter on Monday, while McLaren also had confirmed that the report was correct.

McLaren’s Brown says budget cap breach is a cheating

Nonetheless, Brown did not name any team at his letter to FIA that was dated to October 12, however, copies of the letter were sent to other Formula One teams.

Stalwartly contrasting any kind of breach of FIA’s rules on spending, Brown wrote to FIA, “The overspend breach, and possibly the procedural breaches, constitute cheating by offering a significant advantage across technical, sporting and financial regulations.

The bottom line is any team who has overspent has gained an unfair advantage both in the current and following year's car development. We don't feel a financial penalty alone would be a suitable penalty for an overspend breach or a serious procedural breach.

There clearly needs to be a sporting penalty in these instances, as determined by the FIA. In addition, we believe there should be minor overspend sporting penalties of a 20% reduction in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and wind tunnel time”.

“It is therefore critical that we be very firm on implementing the rules of the cost cap for the integrity and the future of F1,” Brown concluded.