Max Verstappen: "I don't see myself in Formula 1 until I'm 40"

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Max Verstappen: "I don't see myself in Formula 1 until I'm 40"

Max Verstappen, in an exclusive interview with Sky Sport, talked about winning the World title with Red Bull and his future in F1. He told: "Winning the race was great, but I didn't know if we would have full or half points.

Which is okay, it makes sense, we didn't know how long we were going to compete. I knew Leclerc was second, but only after I stopped did I know that Charles had been penalized by 5 seconds, dropping to third place. With a reduced score, I would not have been champion, but suddenly they realized that we had finished the race and therefore the rule was different, so we had full points.

So I I got enough points, but obviously there was a bit of confusion, until they confirmed it to me.But never mind, I liked a bit of confusion, it was fun. It has been an incredible season for us as a team, we didn't expect it.

We were competitive from the start, despite two retirements in three races. Not the best start to defend the title."

Max Verstappen: "I don't see myself in Formula 1 until I'm 40"

Verstappen then added: "Then we made a great comeback, continuing to push, to believe in it, to improve the car, the most important part.

This is why we are here today. As a team we have made very few mistakes, you can't be perfect, but we have been close to perfection in most of the races. As a person, you grow every year. You learn a lot from every year, from every single race.

Better as a driver, not necessarily in terms of speed. Thanks to experience, you try to use what you have learned: in certain situations it can be useful, experience helps you to get out of complicated moments for which you have already faced them.

There are other things I would like to do. I have a lot of fun with what I do now, I would like to be competitive for another couple of years and I have a contract until 2028. After that, it will depend on how things go. Maybe I'll try a couple of different experiences in motorsport, because it's important to try something else as well. "