Wolff predicted Mexico would be Verstappen’s best victory in 2022

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Wolff predicted Mexico would be Verstappen’s best victory in 2022
Wolff predicted Mexico would be Verstappen’s best victory in 2022

Shortly after Saturday’s qualifying on Mexico GP, Wolff said in an interview that the Mexican GP would be Verstappen’s “best shot” this season. In what could be vivid vindication of Wolff’s remarks, Verstappen took one of his easiest victories this year at home in Mexico on Sunday.

If truth is to be spoken, Verstappen had had a tantalizing win with medium tyre on Mexican GP, while his precision at a high-speedy and seamless Mexican GP track had provided him with a 15 seconds lead over Hamilton, who appeared to have averted a duel with Verstappen and remained happy with a second place contemplating the speed Red Bull F1 engineers have been generating this season.

Since securing a feasible distance over Perez who had finished at third, Hamilton had switched to hard from medium.

Wolff said Sunday would be Verstappen’s best shot this season

Meanwhile, speaking with the reporters shortly after final qualifying on Saturday, Wolff predicted that Mexican GP would be the finest shot of Verstappen this season adding, “Yeah, I think so.

The good thing is that in our simulations we had that in a way on the radar - it being the best race - so that is good that it correlates with the real world. But the most important thing is that we really have the pace and slowly but surely we are going forward and learning the lessons for next year.

I think in all my life there is only a handful of occasions I have been confident, but never in Formula One," Wolff said. "I'm annoyed about not being on pole, because it would have ticked a box, but equally having Max with his top speed advantage behind us would have been a problem tomorrow.

And starting second and third can be advantageous and I hope we can stick our nose, or both noses, into Turn 1 and then disappear into the distance. Definitely that is going to be difficult. Our long runs [in practice] were good, but then the Red Bull had a decent pace on the second and third flying lap and our tyres degraded.

So, the honest answer is, I don't know. I very much hope that we can be competitive”. Verstappen seized his fourth Mexico GP victory on Sunday, topping Verstappen’s three wins at the track.


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