Vettel does not rule out return to Formula 1: “I can’t”

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Vettel does not rule out return to Formula 1: “I can’t”
Vettel does not rule out return to Formula 1: “I can’t”

Sebastian Vettel, the four-times F1 champion who would retire by the end of this season, unveiled in a recent interview with a media outlet that he could not rule out a return into Formula One in future. In the matter of the fact, latest remark from the 35-year-old came forth, as he bid farewell to Aston Martin shortly after the post-summer break earlier this year.

The German F1 racer had had four straight F1 driver’s championship title in a row with Red Bull between 2013 and 2016.

Vettel does not rule out possibilities of a return into F1

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a media outlet over the weekend, Vettel, who is often contemplated as one of the finest drivers that Formula One had ever witnessed, said, “I have no pictures of myself on the wall at home and no trophies on display.

have many other interests that I look forward to. And at home with three children it never gets boring anyway”. Besides, while being asked whether he would again return into the sports, Vettel said to Der Spiegel, a German media outlet, “I can't.

I don't know how I will be in a year or two. But I hope that in two years' time I will still be saying: 'No thanks, I don't need to race again,” Vettel currently stands at eleventh in driver’s championship title race and is 23 points ahead of teammate Lance Stroll.

Back in late-July this year, Vettel announced his retirement saying that he wants to spend more time with family alongside other charitable activities.

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