Leclerc more focused on 2023 rather than securing a second this season

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Leclerc more focused on 2023 rather than securing a second this season
Leclerc more focused on 2023 rather than securing a second this season

Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc who currently stands at third in drivers’ championship title race, just five points behind Red Bull’s Perez, said on Brazilian GP media event that he has been centring his focus more on next season rather than dive into a neck-to-neck wrangle with Perez for a second place this season, illustrating a remark of a heart that is utterly disappointed over his team’s performance both on and off the garage.

In the matter of the fact, Leclerc, who had had 275 points with 3 wins and 10 podiums, had to digest three DNFs earlier in the season due to engine failures while comfortably leading the track. Had he been able to end those races, 2022 F1 landscape would have had an entirely different landscape.

Followed by the DNFs, Leclerc had urged for a sweeping overhaul of the Ferrari F1 engineering team, however, Verstappen had secured a feasible lead over Leclerc before Ferrari installed a new engine on Leclerc’s car.

Leclerc focuses more on 2023 instead securing a second this season

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency report on Brazilian GP media event, Leclerc said that his mind is largely focused on next year.

Besides, the 24-year-old Monacan added, “Of course we'll do everything to try and get the best results possible for the last two races but the most important is to try to build on these last two races in order to be a better team next year. But by doing it I hope we can still clinch second place in the drivers' championship”.

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