Fittipaldi echoes Alonso and criticizes Lewis Hamilton!

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Fittipaldi echoes Alonso and criticizes Lewis Hamilton!
Fittipaldi echoes Alonso and criticizes Lewis Hamilton!

Just a few weeks ago, Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso had left some veiled (but not too much!) criticism of Lewis Hamilton. The two were team mates at the time of McLaren. Alonso said about the Mercedes driver: "Max Verstappen's titles are worth more than Hamilton's.

I have a lot of respect for Lewis, but it's different to win seven world titles fighting only your teammate. Such a championship is worth less than when you win against other drivers with equivalent or even better equipment.

" Emerson Fittipaldi, F1 champion in 1972 and 1974, echoed the words of Fernandi Alonso. He told: "Alonso is right. Verstappen had to challenge more drivers than Hamilton. The overall level is higher than when Lewis won his titles.

In those championships he only fought against his teammates. The difference between the top five cars is much lower this year. When there were Hamilton and Rosberg, and then Lewis and Bottas, Mercedes was quite superior to the rest of the grid.

Now the group is more balanced and I like it more."

Hamilton's last words

Hamilton in an interview explained how everyone tries to imitate him. The Mercedes driver told: "What most people don't know is that I redesigned the steering wheel when I was at McLaren and when I got to Mercedes they did the same.

All the other teams copied. All the wheels were circular. Now there is a top and it goes down, but it doesn't join the bottom. I should have patented it! This is something I'm very proud of: I love working with the ergonomics of the car.

I have talked to many amazing athletes. Many have said they retired too early or too late. Most have told me that I will know when it is right to stop. I always go against the grain. I don't do what everyone expects me to do." On budget cap issue, he explained: "I am focused on what I can control, I am sure that the FIA ​​will make the right decisions for the integrity of the sport.

Personally I look to the next goals, he said in the press conference only, on the 2021 I have my own opinions and I am proud of what we have done as a team. But for the future we will need extreme clarity otherwise there is a risk that the system may fail.

This whole story creates a lot of confusion among the fans and it is a very important aspect on How to get back to beating Red Bull? Well, we at Mercedes are human too and we make mistakes. Even in Ferrari there is a lot of strength and experience.

We have a great leader, with great fans and great communication. Toto Wolff he is a leader capable of 'elevating' people, he leads them to live their private life well. And this pushes the desire to be part of the team to grow.

But I hope that we will return to beating Red Bull soon and I hope Ferrari can fight too. But there are also other teams that have shown they have potential."

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