Russell wants to split strategy with Hamilton in Brazil GP to hold Verstappen at 3rd

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Russell wants to split strategy with Hamilton in Brazil GP to hold Verstappen at 3rd

Shortly after snatching the Brazil GP sprint race victory, Mercedes’ F1 racer George Russell said that he and his teammate Lewis Hamilton would be free to race when they will start on the front row in Brazilian Grand Prix.

However, Russell also added that he wants the team to split strategies for them in order to keep Max Verstappen at third place.

Russell wants to split strategy with Hamilton

In point of fact, latest remarks from George Russell came forth as Hamilton had finished third on Saturday’s sprint race, however, the seven-time world champion will start at second due to Sainz’s engine penalty.

As this could be the final chance for Mercedes to win at least a race in the season with just one race remaining in Abu Dhabi, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Russell said, “There definitely won't be any team orders, but between the two of us we will definitely try and be strategic because we saw in Mexico that we both tried to do the same strategy and it ultimately affected us both.

Sitting here right now, we probably don't know what the right strategy is going to be, so we'll race each other fairly for sure and I'm sure we will be splitting the strategies to try to cover all options. Hopefully, one of us comes away happy tomorrow, but we both recognise based on recent experience that we will have to go two separate ways.

On top of that, adding that the team’s result is most important to him, Hamilton said, “Getting a one-two either way, I am going to be happy personally because of how hard everybody has worked. But of course, George has done an amazing job this year and will be pushing for the win, and of course we will drive carefully and clean.

You've just always got to have at the front of our mind the team and getting the result for the team. But individually, we will do our best to get the best result”.