Alonso and Ocon blamed each other for Saturday Sprint collision in Brazil

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Alonso and Ocon blamed each other for Saturday Sprint collision in Brazil

Fernando Alonso, the 42-year-old Alpine F1 racer who is still contemplated as one of the finest in the sports, had blamed teammate Ocon for the collision in Brazil GP sprint, while Ocon laid the blames of the collision on Alonso, the winner of a Formula 1 double back in the 2004 and 2005 with Renault.

In the matter of the fact, at the first lap of Saturday’s sprint in Brazil, Alonso had collided twice with Ocon, while both cars had suffered damages and would have to start at the rear end of the grid on Sunday. Alonso finished at fifteenth, while Ocon ended at eighteenth place.

Alonso, Ocon blame each other for sprint collision in Brazil

On top of that, shortly after the collisions, Alonso said to Alpine F1 team over radio, “I lost the front wing thanks to our friend”. Apart from that, in another radio message, Alonso told over the radio, “He pushed me off at Turn 4 and then on the straight.

Well done”. Nonetheless, the race referee had blamed Alonso for the incident and a penalty had relegated him to eighteenth place for Sunday’s race. Alonso who is set to join Aston Martin in a multi-year contract from 2023, said while being asked whether he needed to speak with Ocon to soften the issue, Alonso said, “No, not really.

I don't need. It's one more race then it's over, finally! I was very close to the wall in Jeddah, I think. Close to the wall in Budapest. Today in Turn 4 now here. So, either way, these things are ... sometimes it's very competitive inside a team.

It happened to him with Perez, with Verstappen, unlapping himself so ... It's one more race”. Nonetheless, Ocon viewed the event form an entirely alternate angle saying, “It is unfortunate what happened on Lap 1, I was trying to attack the McLaren, took my line into Turn 4 and Fernando came out of nowhere from the outside. So, we touched. From there my race was pretty much over."