Fernando Alonso: "I think Aston Martin is not here to finish.."


Fernando Alonso: "I think Aston Martin is not here to finish.."

Fernando Alonso is already focused on new challenges in a new team: Aston Martin. Abu Dhabi will be an ideal test to get to know the new car. “It is important,” he said about the test, as quoted by motorsport.com “Performance-wise, it will not be important, because the car will be very different next year for everyone.

“But in terms of comfort, seat, steering wheel, the buttons, things that I would love to maybe change and get into my tailor-made everything, it will be nice to have a day in the car. So I’m looking forward”.

Alonso also commented on the current situation in Aston Martin, but also on the ambitions he will have. “I don’t think that anyone in Aston Martin is this year looking at the results so much,” he said. “It’s good to see some improvement, but I think Aston Martin is not here to finish fifth or sixth or fourth in the constructors’ championship.

It’s here to win the world championship, and that’s what we’ll try to do in 2023 and 2024”.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando is an optimist for the next season and expects that luck will see him. Alonso has had many unfortunate incidents, but Aston Martin will be a great chance to confirm his qualities and help the team.

“I think after 2022, I will have a massive luck next year on everything,” he said. “It has been amazing this year. “I know there were a lot of talks after Mexico, five DNFs this year with engine issues, but there are another four races that I finished all without battery, or the car didn’t start in Austria, or I lost one wheel in the pit stop. "So it was amazing: 20 races, to have problems in nine or something. It’s nearly 50 percent of the races”.

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