Ferrari boss Binotto “relaxed” about future after exit rumours

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Ferrari boss Binotto “relaxed” about future after exit rumours

Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto said over the weekend that he has no worries about his future with Ferrari Formula 1 team. Apart from that, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Binotto added that he had discussed about the latest media gossips over his ousting with the team’s owner John Elkann.

In point of fact, latest remarks from Binotto came forth just a few days after two media outlets have been quoted sources as saying that the Ferrari F1 team are going to replace Binotto with Sauber’s Vasseur due to poor management of the team.

Binotto says had no worries about his future with Ferrari

Nevertheless, Ferrari F1 team issued a statement shortly after the release of media toplines on a plausible ousting of Binotto saying that the speculations are “totally without foundation”.

On top of that, adding that the Ferrari’s decision to respond to the media speculations was made after his discussion with Elkann, Binotto said to the reporters in Abu Dhabi, “Obviously it's not down to me to decide but I'm pretty relaxed.

The reason why I'm relaxed is that I always [have] open, frank and constructive discussions with my bosses, with my chairman, not only in the short term but the medium and the long term. When these speculations were out, I had a chat with my chairman John Elkann.

We discussed openly what was the best way to move forward and we decided to release a statement was maybe the best way to close any speculation and clearly show that speculation is totally with no foundation”. Besides, under Binotto’s guidance, Ferrari’s Leclerc and Sainz had returned their team into competitiveness after two years of doldrum this season.