Verstappen hits out at media over sickening criticism and abuse

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Verstappen hits out at media over sickening criticism and abuse

Max Verstappen, the 25-year-old reigning double F1 championship title-holder, had lashed out at media over headlines written about him after Brazilian GP, while he labelled the social media abuse what he alongside his family have been receiving as “disgusting”.

In point of fact, latest remarks from Verstappen followed the latest Brazilian GP, where he did not obey a team command that involved helping his teammate Sergio Perez.

Verstappen lashes out at media on Brazil GP criticisms

If truth is be spoken, Verstappen was asked to let Perez pass on the final lap in a bid to secure a 4-5 finish, as Perez could have chased Alonso and Leclerc.

However, defying the team order, Verstappen went for the chase himself and failed to do so. As an aftermath, Red Bull had had a 6-7 finish at Brazilian GP. Meanwhile, speaking with the reporters ahead of this weekend season-ending Abu Dhabi GP, the 25-year-old flying Dutchman said, “After that race, I looked very bad in the media.

But they didn't have the clear picture. To immediately put me down like that is ridiculous, to be honest, because they don't know how I work within the team and what the team appreciates about me……We had some good discussions, we put everything on the table and everything has been solved.

In hindsight we should have had that conversation earlier because I've never been a bad teammate. I have always been very helpful. The team knows that -- I always put the team up front because at the end of the day it is a team effort."

Later, Red Bull issued a statement saying that the team’s mistake had prompted Verstappen to disobey the Red Bull order.