“Unbelievable” says Verstappen after taking Abu Dhabi GP home

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“Unbelievable” says Verstappen after taking Abu Dhabi GP home

2022 F1 season had finished on Sunday at Abu Dhabi with another mesmerizing performance from the Red Bull’s flying Dutchman Verstappen, as the 25-year-old said “Unbelievable” after taking record-extending 15th win of the season.

The reigning double F1 champion had dominated the Abu Dhabi GP, while Ferrari’s Leclerc had secured a distant second. Mercedes’ Seven-time world champion Hamilton could have challenged Leclerc unless he had been forced to retire due to a hydraulic issue.

Verstappen says unbelievable after taking Abu Dhabi GP at home

Meanwhile, speaking with the reporters following the event on Sunday, addressing to tyre management Verstappen said, “Yeah, it was a good race. It was all about tyre management – I think we looked after the mediums quite well and then on hard tyres, I was literally managing from Lap 1 to the end.

Incredible to win again here and [to take my] 15th win of the season is unbelievable”. While being asked over the team’s performance, Verstappen added, “It’s been a great team effort, especially after our tough start to the year.

To turn it around like that I wouldn't have ever imagined, I think nobody in the team [would have imagined], but it’s been really enjoyable to be part of the team. We have a lot of fun – of course we focus on the performance, but you also really need to enjoy the moment, appreciate the moment, and I think we did that.

You also need to focus on next year where you always say you try to do better; I know it’s hard to do a lot better than this, but you should always try to aim for that”. Verstappen concluded the season with a mind-bogging 454 points, the highest point ever achieved in a single season by a driver in the history of Formula One.