Lewis Hamilton: "This has been a complicated season"

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Lewis Hamilton: "This has been a complicated season"

At the end of his Yas Marina Sunday, Lewis Hamilton, British Mercedes driver, shared his feelings about the F1 season just ended. Lewis told: "The hardest thing we have faced over the course of these months? I think having to get up every time at every difficulty.

It wasn't really easy to react after every problem. Every time, getting strength and getting up again. All these difficulties, however, they showed our strength. I am grateful for that." At the end of the race at Yas Marina, Hamilton said: "I was hoping for a better result but the Red Bull were six tenths faster than us on the straight, they were flying.

Our goal for tomorrow is, in the meantime, to finish the race." After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a historic fact has arrived: for the first time in his Formula 1 career, Lewis Hamilton has not won a single race in a season.

Since 2007, the season in which Lewis finished second tied with team-mate Fernando Alonso for McLaren-Mercedes, and only one point behind Kimi Räikkonen, there has been an incredible dominance of the British, given that in the following years and until 2021 he achieved at least one victory.

The series of seasons with at least one victory ends at 15. Hamilton has no desire to retire yet. The renewal between Sir Lewis and Mercedes is not easy given the very high engagement of the British now also with Brazilian citizenship, however both parties have begun to discuss the future.

At least for the moment, Hamilton will not retire, or at least not in the next few years as the deal with Mercedes is approaching. From the latest rumors it seems that the agreement is very close to arriving with a multi-year project.

The rider has in fact taken a position on these rumors: "I think it will be a multi-year contract. There is always this question of retirement that always revolves around me, but honestly I don't like the idea at all and I don't feel like that yet point."