Red Bull confirms Ricciardo’s reserve role for 2023

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Red Bull confirms Ricciardo’s reserve role for 2023

On Wednesday, Red Bull F1 team had confirmed that the 33-year-old Aussie, Daniel Ricciardo, would join the team next year as a reserve driver. According to Red Bull F1 team, Ricciardo’s job would likely to involve testing, simulation alongside commercial activities and promos.

In point of fact, latest remarks from Red Bull Formula 1 team followed months of speculation on whether Ricciardo would be able to find a driver’s seat in Formula One next season after a departing McLaren. On top of that, speculations were murmuring across F1 meteors’ arena that he had been in talks with Mercedes’ Wolff and Red Bull’s Horner over a reserve role over recent weeks.

Red Bull confirms Ricciardo to join the team next season as a reserve

Besides, after McLaren had telescoped Ricciardo’s contract by one year over this summer following a couple of years of poor run of form, NASCAR also had contacted the Aussie.

However, Ricciardo had told several times over past few months that he will not leave the Formula One arena even if it comes to a reserve driver role. Although Red Bull’s Perez’s contract would run out by 2024 and Ricciardo still has hopes to grab a driver’s seat by 2025, Red Bull F1 boss Horner had brushed aside such media whispers citing that the team have no such intention contemplating the level at which the Mexican is racing.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Red Bull’s Horner said following the announcement, “No, Daniel's contract is very specific. We have a contract with Checo [Perez] for the next two years.

The partnership of Max and Checo has been phenomenal for us”. Besides, expressing a sigh of relief, Ricciardo said, “The smile says it all, I'm truly excited to be coming back home to Oracle Red Bull Racing as their Third Driver in 2023.

I already have so many fond memories of my time here, but the welcome from Christian, Dr Marko and the entire team is something I'm sincerely appreciative of. For me personally, the ability to contribute to and be surrounded by the best team in F1 is hugely appealing, whilst also giving me some time to recharge and refocus.

I can't wait to be with the team and support with simulator work, testing sessions and commercial activities”.