Chinese GP cancelled for 4th successive years as F1 mulls alternatives

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Chinese GP cancelled for 4th successive years as F1 mulls alternatives

Despite Beijing’s intransigent effort to bring its economy back in to a pandemic-era new normalcy following a mass-scale ease at its pandemic restrictions across the nation, FIA had decided against holding an event in China in 2023, the Formula One had confirmed the media topline later last week.

In the matter of the fact, the Formula One had accused the country’s ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 behind its move to step back from arranging a Chinese GP, which is scheduled to take place on April next year.

Aside from that, several media outlets had reported that the FIA had had a conflict of interest on a number of issues with Chinese officials over holding a Grand Prix, as Chinese officials had rejected FIA’s pleas to ease its pandemic testing norms for crews and drivers during events.

On top of that, according to China’s pandemic regulation, if a foreigner caught COVID-19 inside China, he or she must remain in isolation within the country before being tested positive.

Chiinese GP cancelled due to stiffer COVID-19 polities

Amid such garrulous circumstance, a few F1 drivers alongside team chiefs also had shown reluctance to attend the Chinese GP, while finally FIA had decided to cancel the event later last week, dropping the number of events to 23 from what could have been a record 24-event season next year.

Nonetheless, press agencies had reported on Sunday citing sources that Turkey has shown intent to fill up China’s spot in F1 calendar. However, F1 officials were quoted saying on Sunday that the FIA are expected to make a decision on whether to include a new event over next few weeks.

2023 F1 season will begin with Bahrain GP on March following a pre-season testing in Bahrain between February 23 and 25.