Vettel says F1 retirement news was a “big weight off my shoulder”

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Vettel says F1 retirement news was a “big weight off my shoulder”
Vettel says F1 retirement news was a “big weight off my shoulder”

Sebastian Vettel, the 35-year-old German whose retirement announcement just before the Summer-break this season had sent shockwaves through the entire F1 arena, had recently said in the stage of Autosport Award 2022 that he felt a “big weight” is off his shoulder after the retirement announcement.

Vettel received a Gregor Grant Lifetime Achievement Award in the ceremony. In the matter of the fact, latest announcement from Vettel came forth as several media outlets were whispering about a plausible return of Vettel into the Formula 1, as the German himself did not rule out the probability of a comeback into the F1 arena in a latest interview.

On top of that, Red Bull’s head of player development, Helmut Marco, who is currently 79 years old, had recently told in an interview that Vettel could be a potential candidate for his job, as he seeks to a retirement in a near-future.

Vettel says he felt a “big weight” off the shoulder after retirement

Nevertheless, Vettel had received a grand farewell in Abu Dhabi last month, as the week was full of commemorations for the four-times world champion.

Meanwhile, speaking at the stage of 2022 Autosport Awards where he had been handed out a Gregor Grant Lifetime Achievement Award as beforementioned, Vettel said, “What I love so much – initially I didn’t get it because you’re young, but I think the opportunity to work with so many people that are very passionate about what they do,” Vettel said, reflecting on his career.

I thought 10 years ago, ‘That’s normal, it’s how everybody lives their lives’. But then I found out it’s not normal and a lot of people don’t have that privilege. You have so much motivation from the inside of you coming out and to meet so many skilled men and women along the way and have fun.

There’s so much that I took from these years. I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I’m very excited about it. It’s not that I hate Formula 1, I enjoyed the last couple of races, and after the announcement it was a big weight off my shoulders because this sport has been in my head a long time and I’m very much looking forward to giving my children the time that I had when I was that age. My parents made so much time for me and I want to be there as well”.

Sebastian Vettel

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