Alpha Romeo’s Fred Vasseur replaces Binotto as Ferrari boss

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Alpha Romeo’s Fred Vasseur replaces Binotto as Ferrari boss
Alpha Romeo’s Fred Vasseur replaces Binotto as Ferrari boss

Late on Tuesday, the Ferrari F1 team had issued a statement saying that the Alpha Romeo’s Fred Vasseur has replaced their team chief Mattia Binotto following a season of managerial chaos, without which Ferrari’s Leclerc might have had a chance to take on Verstappen.

In point of fact, latest move from Ferrari F1 team comes over the heels of a growing speculation around the Formula 1 arena on whether Ferrari could continue to propel forward with their current managerial team, as a number of mismatches this season including three DNFs of Leclerc when he had been leading the grid by a comfortable margin earlier in 2022, had dashed Ferrari F1 team’s title hope.

Besides, Ferrari and Binotto had confirmed their split after the season finale at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Vasseur, who will take charge of Ferrari F1 team from 2023, has been Alpha Romeo’s team principal since 2017.

Vasseur to take charge of Ferrari F1 team

Meanwhile, followed by the confirmation from Ferrari F1 team, Vasseur said, “I am truly delighted and honoured to take over the leadership of Scuderia Ferrari. As someone who has always held a lifelong passion for motorsport, Ferrari has always represented the very pinnacle of the racing world to me.

I look forward to working with the talented and truly passionate team in Maranello to honour the history and heritage of the Scuderia and deliver for our Tifosi around the world”. Aside from that, complementing Vasseur’s job at Alpha Romeo, the F1 team bode farewell to their former chief saying, “Progress on and off track was followed by a growing sense of confidence in Hinwil: confidence that this team could once again be at the sharp end of the grid; confidence that things would get better season after season; confidence that top talent would once again flourish in the sole reality of motorsport in the Zürcher Oberland.

This all stemmed from Fred's own sense of confidence: not in himself, but in the project that was presented to him in 2017 - a project in which he was one of the first to believe. Vasseur leaves a team bolstered by new partners, a growing workforce and with a bright future as the works team for a manufacturer in the not-too-far distance.

He leaves as a friend, a mentor, a boss that could extract the best out of his charges: and, as we enter a new chapter of the history of our team, we will miss the smiles and jokes that would accompany him as he did the rounds in our Hinwil HQ”.

Vasseur is a well-respected character in the F1 arena.


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