Did fatherhood change Vettel completely, provoke his premature retirement?

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Did fatherhood change Vettel completely, provoke his premature retirement?
Did fatherhood change Vettel completely, provoke his premature retirement?

Sebastian Vettel, the 35-year-old German who had made a shocking retirement announcement just before the Summer break this season, stoked questions what could have led to such a premature decision, may just have decided to sidebench him from the front-row of Formula 1 due to his fatherhood.

Vettel, the winner of four F1 titles, was quoted saying earlier this year that he would look forward to pass more time with his family alongside other charitable activities. Nonetheless, although, F1 racers bode farewell to Vettel following the season finale in Abu Dhabi GP on November 20, the German had said multiple times he could not rule out a return into the Formula 1.

However, chances of him being an F1 driver again are slim, as Red Bull’s chief of your development program said last week that Vettel might replace him in a near-future.

Nevertheless, the questions remained on the card what actually did change Vettel’s mind.

Does fatherhood change Vettel’s mind

Meanwhile, speaking in a show, Sky Sport’s Natalie Pinkman had said that the fatherhood of Vettel had changed the 35-year-old completely and might prod him an early-retirement adding, “I don’t know about you Damon, but I’ve seen over the last 12 years being in the sport a real change in him,” suggested Pinkham.

But I really pin it on him becoming a father. He changed completely when he became a dad, he started to care more about the world around him. The way he interacted with people, he wasn’t quite as ruthless as he had been in the past.

It wasn’t all about winning. He was seeing the bigger picture. He’s just a genuinely lovely bloke who wants to make a difference in the world”. Vettel own four straight F1 championship titles with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013.

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