Haas’ Guenther does not want an 11th Formula one team


Haas’ Guenther does not want an 11th Formula one team

Haas chief Guenther had unveiled in a recent interview that there is no benefit in adding an eleventh team in Formula 1. Speaking in a Beyond the Grid podcast, the Haas boss also added that the Formula One is more stable with ten F1 teams.

Guenther not interest on an eleventh F1 team

Nonetheless, latest remarks from Guenther came against the backdrop of a mass-scale effort from Andretti to enter into the F1 with a new Formula One team. Besides, media reports had unveiled later this month that he has been in talks with FIA over a potential entrance into the F1, while he also had seized financing backing from an equity fund which has net assets worth of a whopping $285 billion.

Meanwhile, speaking in the Beyond the Grid podcast, Guenther said, “As FOM [Formula One Management] always says, first of all, everybody thinks we are the people, the other teams, who decide what is happening. We cannot decide, we can have our opinion, but we cannot decide, deciding is for the FOM.

I think F1 knows, and Stefano [Domenicali, Formula 1 president] knows that the sport is in a very good place at the moment. Putting an 11th team in, does it create more revenue? Does it make it bigger, Formula 1? I don't think so.

It's better to have 10 very stable teams than taking the risk to have no gain, and having somebody more to share the money with you know. It's very stable at the moment, so obviously, if an 11th team comes and they bring, let me say 10% more revenue, why not? But if an 11th team comes and just takes an 11th off the revenue which is there now, so you dilute everybody else's revenue? Why would you do that? Because I think the grid with 20 cars is pretty full, and as I said, they're very stable, not only right now, but also for the future, because they're all owned either by people which know what they're doing and can run a team, or they're owned by corporates, which we know they can continue.

And we have got now Audi coming in, they decided to buy a team, not to put their own one out, because it isn't an easy task now to put a Formula 1 team up from zero."”