“Let’s not turn F1 into a political sport,” says Zak Brown

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“Let’s not turn F1 into a political sport,” says Zak Brown

McLaren Chief Executive Zak Brown said in an interview with a press agency earlier this week that FIA have been right to install a balance between racing events and racers trying to push their political views. In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Zak Brown came forth just a week after FIA, the governing body of Formula 1, had banned F1 drivers from making political statements during racing events without prior permission.

Brown says FIA are right to prevent racers from making political comment

If truth is to be spoken, over recent past, a raft of F1 racers including the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton alongside Vettel among others, had made several political gestures during racing events.

Meanwhile, as Fia had officially barred F1 racers from making political remarks, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Brown said, “It's tricky, right? Because some of the topics are really good, some are controversial, some are polarising.

I think in general we want to be a sport that is doing good. We just need to find a balance there and not have every start of a race being a new political agenda for someone. I don't think that's healthy as it can detract from what everyone has tuned in to, which is they want to watch a grand prix.

I'm glad the door is open for drivers and teams to talk to the FIA if there's an issue they want to discuss. It wasn't a 'You can't do it.' It was 'You can't do it without our permission.' So at least the door is open. Everyone is allowed freedom of speech.

It did get out of control at times with so much messaging going on ... does it detract from the focus of the sport? These drivers can do this stuff in their own time, so I think it is within Formula One and the FIA's right to say here's the code of conduct we expect for you to follow during a grand prix weekend.

You're free to do whatever you want to do Monday through to Friday, so to speak, but obviously it's at a grand prix weekend the drivers have the most cameras on them”.

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