Former Ferrari driver says Binotto should’ve been ousted years ago

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Former Ferrari driver says Binotto should’ve been ousted years ago
Former Ferrari driver says Binotto should’ve been ousted years ago

René Arnoux, the 74-year-old former Ferrari Formula 1 driver who had raced twelve long seasons for Ferrari, said in a recent interview that Binotto should have been ousted years ago adding he doesn’t “deserve the role” of a Ferrari team principal.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from the French former Ferrari F1 driver, who had started 185 F1 events and ended up his career with 22 podium finishes, came forth as criticisms are growing high on Binotto’s departure.

Binotto should be ousted years ago: says former Ferrari driver

However, if truth is to be told, had Ferrari had a better managerial network around their garage, Leclerc might just have the chance to top Verstappen in drivers’ championship title race.

In the matter of the fact, following a catastrophic showing of managerial performance, Leclerc had to grapple up with a number of issues this season including engine and tyre management. Due to engine failures, Leclerc had to retire thrice earlier this season while leading the grid comfortably.

Besides, Leclerc also had criticized the team’s managerial performance later this year. Amid such chaotic environment inside Ferrari F1 team’s garage, speaking in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Former Ferrari F1 driver Arnoux said that the departure of Binotto was long overdue adding, “His behavior is unacceptable when you head the best team in the world.

Jean Todt may or may not be loved, but he would never have said, 'Next year will be better' He would win, and if he had won he would think about the next year. But of people like Todt and Ron Dennis, there are very few”.


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