Ricciardo opens up on Red Bull gamble as his F1 career hits crossroad

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Ricciardo opens up on Red Bull gamble as his F1 career hits crossroad

Daniel Ricciardo, the 33-year-old F1 racer who will be the reserve of Red Bull this season following a pre-mature termination of contract with the McLaren F1 team, has recently opened up on his Red Bull gamble, as his career appears to be hitting a crossroad with no racing seats available for him this season.

Apart from that, the Aussie added following a staggering eighteen months of run with McLaren F1 team, the Aussie had acknowledged that his decision to depart Red Bull at the end of 2018 had been a gamble.

Ricciardo opens up on his Red Bull gamble

However, as the 33-year-old has been set to return into the Red Bull as a reserve next season, he also added that he does not regret his decision to leave the Red Bull F1 team back in 2018.

Meanwhile, speaking in a Formula 1 “Beyond the Grid” podcast, Ricciardo said, “I don't look at it like that because nothing is sure. "If I stayed there the last four years, could I say I would have had more podiums than I've had? What have I had, maybe three or something? Yeah, I'm confident to say I would have had more podiums than I've had.

But you just don't know. Obviously at the time I felt like it was right for me. I felt like I needed a change and I needed to kind of just remove myself a bit. If I continued [at Red Bull], would that urge have grown? Would I have become, let's say, more curious or less happy, or whatever? It's not a sure thing that it would have been great if I stayed.

I don't look back and say: 'Man, I shouldn't have [left]' But, of course, I can be honest with myself and say: 'Yeah, I took a little bit of a gamble on myself”. Besides, adding that his situation is dire without a seat, many Formula 1 drivers said, “I think right now, sitting here, I don't feel completely done.

I think I'll want to get back on the grid, but time will tell. I'm not going to say: 'Yeah, I can have every seat I want', but ultimately, it's my decision if I want to be back. That fire and everything I expect to feel, when the lights go out and I'm watching on the sidelines, that's up to me to answer”

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