“The more pressure there was, the more he delivered,” says Red Bull boss Horner

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“The more pressure there was, the more he delivered,” says Red Bull boss Horner

Red Bull F1 team boss, Christian Horner, had praised Verstappen for his record-breaking 2022 F1 season in a recent interview with the Formula 1 official website. In the matter of the fact, Horner’s latest remarks on Verstappen came forth as the 25-year-old flying Dutchman had notched a second straight championship title this season with praises flying around the grid.

Verstappen broke off a number of records this season with the highest number of victories in a season in the history of Formula 1. Verstappen won fifteen out of twenty-two races this season.

Horner praises Verstappen for a scintillating 2022

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with Formula 1, while being asked to reflect on Verstappen’s back-to-back title wins, Horner said, “I mean, 2021 was an epic year, and I think it’ll go down in history – when we reflect on it in years to come – as one of the all-time great seasons of Formula 1.

I think that Max, having been through that and triumphed at the end of that… one forgets that he’s still so young, you know, [25] years of age. Doing that last year, [and then] coming into this year, I think he just made another step.

I think the maturity that he’s driven with, he’s just taken it to another level this year. You look at the Grands Prix that he won earlier in the year: the double-header in Imola was spectacular, his race in Miami with Charles… in those early races, the racing that was wheel-to-wheel was stunning.

Then he just kept going, like a metronome, he kept delivering, and the more pressure there was, the more he delivered – [there were] some incredible victories. Hungary springs to mind, where he had to take a penalty and drive through the field; Spa was totally dominant; the pressure of Zandvoort… the list just goes on and on” Previously, Horner was quoted saying that Verstappen deserved more recognition than what he is receiving after winning a Formula 1 double.

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