FIA will invite entries from potential new F1 teams, say FIA President ben Sulayem

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FIA will invite entries from potential new F1 teams, say FIA President ben Sulayem

Fia, the governing body of Formula 1, has been set to launch a process to smoothen up entrance of a new F1 team into the grid. In the matter of the fact, since the departure of Manor back int eh 2016, Formula 1 has been continuing the sports with ten teams in the grid.

Nonetheless, following interest from US-based Andretti organization, it appears that finally the FIA have been giving a serious thought over the issue. On top of that, latest statement from the FIA President came forth just a couple of weeks after Andretti had been quoted as saying to a press agency that he had ensured financing from a US-based private equity fund having had assets worth over $285 billion, eventually bolstering his case for an entrance into the Formula 1 with a new team.

FIA set to invite potential new Formula 1 teams

Concomitantly, in a statement shared on social media, Ben Sulyaem had stated that the FIA would soon launch a process to search new entries into the sport adding, “I have asked my FIA team to look at launching an expressions of interest process for prospective new teams for the FIA F1 World Championship”.

Nonetheless, F1 chief Stefano Domenicali had expressed sheer pessimism over the issue last year, while a number of FI team principals had shown reluctance against an entrance of a new Formula 1 team. However, apart from Andretti, a Hong-Kong-based Canadian billionaire Calvin Lo also had expressed his intent to enter into the F1 with a new team despite opposition from F1 team principals alongside F1 chief Stefano Domenicali.