FIA boss surprised by F1’s adverse reaction to Andretti’s entrance bid


FIA boss surprised by F1’s adverse reaction to Andretti’s entrance bid

Later last week, the President of FIA, Mohammed ben Sulyaem, said in a statement that he strongly supports the new proposal from Andretti-Cadillac merger to add an eleventh team into the Formula 1, however, he also had expressed angsts that a number of F1 teams are opposing the proposal including the F1 boss Stefano Domenicali.

In the matter of the fact, latest remark from Mohammed ben Sulyaem came forth just a day after Andretti and Cadillac had unveiled their merger alongside their bid to entry into the F1 with a new team.

FIA President surprised on F1 officials’ adverse reaction to Andretti bid

The move from the Andretti-Cadillac merger was welcomed warm-heartedly by the FIA President Mohammed bin Sulyaem, as he said in the statement, “The @FIA has accepted the entries of smaller, successful organisations in recent years.

We should be encouraging prospective F1 entries from global manufacturers like @GM and thoroughbred racers like Andretti and others. Interest from teams in growth markets adds diversity and broadens @F1's appeal”. Besides, submissively adding that a barrage of adverse reactions to Andretti-Cadillac merger’s proposal to enter into the F1 with a new team had seriously staggered him, Mohammed ben Sulyaem said, “It is surprising that there has been some adverse reaction to the @Cadillac and @FollowAndretti news”.

If truth is to be spoken, a swathe of F1 officials had issued lukewarm reactions to Andretti-Cadillac’s bid to become the eleventh team in Formula 1, as FIA had no regulations to heighten up their prizemoney for a new team, suggesting that the annual prizemoney which is disbursed according to ranking in F1’s constructors’ championship title race, would be shared among eleven teams.

Besides, former Ferrari boss and current F1 chief, Stefano Domenicali was quoted saying later last year that a new team in Formula 1 was “not a priority”.

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