Does Lewis Hamilton have a new love?

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Does Lewis Hamilton have a new love?

Juliana Nalú, protagonist last year of a brief love story with Kanye West, was together with Lewis Hamilton. And to prove it there is a video, posted by Shaun White himself, in which the pilot appears inside a tub with a mysterious woman she was wearing.

Is she Lewis Hamilton's secret love story? In the coming weeks could come more updates about! Lewis Hamilton will return to Europe to begin making contact with his new Mercedes before getting his case back on for the first winter testing.

2023 is also an important year because his contract with the team will expire, even if he has reiterated in recent days that he wants to continue as long as he has fun. Toto Wolff talked about it on the Beyond The Grid podcast.

He said Hamilton's contract is one of the main topics they will address over the winter: "Lewis is part of the team and the team is part of Lewis. There's no reason not to continue together. I think one of his strengths and always being hungry.

He's a great sportsman, but he's also an extremely driven and determined person."

Does Lewis Hamilton have a new love? Who is Juliana Nalú?

Hamilton, British Mercede driver and 7 times F1 world champion, has a love life that he keeps well separated from his professional life.

After separating from Nicole Scherzinger, the Mercedes driver's love life has remained shrouded in mystery, except that recently the only woman regularly spotted next to the seven-time world champion is Angela Cullen, his physiotherapist and personal assistant.

A girl is staying with Hamilton in a tub in Antarctica where the Englishman is spending a few days on vacation. She would be Juliana Nalu a 24-year-old model, who has her main residence in Hamburg. The truth will be known soon but Nalu has put a video on her Instagram page where she is in a cold vacation spot and it could be Antarctica.

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