Williams are not Mercedes’ B team, says team principal Vowles


Williams are not Mercedes’ B team, says team principal Vowles

Williams’s new team principal Vowles said shortly after his appointemnt on Friday that the F1 team which had had a difficult time over recent past, would not play as Mercedes “B” in the F1 arena. Before his appointment, Vowles had been the head of strategy of Mercedes under Toto Wolff’s management, while during his time with Mercedes, the F1 behemoth had won eight constructors’ championship title in a row.

Vowles says Williams would not be Mercedes’ B team

Followed by the reveal of Vowles’ appointment, the new Williams’ F1 boss and Mercedes’ Toto Wolff had held a joint press conference, while they spoke of their friendship and future stratagem.

Speaking in the joint press briefing, Vowles, the 43-years-old motorsport engineer, said, “There's no mini-Mercedes or B team or any of that. This is about me standing on my own two legs and making success with an organisation around me”.

Despite Mercedes’ influence on Williams, adding that Williams would be entirely independent under his reign, Vowles added, “The second that you put a crisp, Williams shirt on, that's where you are, that's where your loyalty is and that's where my success and the team success will come from”.

Nevertheless, echoing Vowles’ remarks, Mercedes’ Toto Wolff said, “If I were ever to get involved with James and ask him to become mini-Mercedes, he would tell me to get lost. There was always the speculation that Williams, because of the Mercedes engine, was a subordinate but none of that was obviously true.

We never interfered into some kind of driver situation. We always understood the authority of the team management in their own way. That's why James is going to do what's good for the team, what's good for James in order to bring that forward.

He's going to be judged on the team's success, and if Mercedes is helpful, then he will talk about it and if he feels he needs to have a different position then he will stand for that position”.

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