Red Bull to launch 2023 car in the US instead Europe on February 3

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Red Bull to launch 2023 car in the US instead Europe on February 3

Red Bull F1 team, the reigning world champion, had issued a statement later this week saying that the Formula 1 team would launch their new 2023 car in New York on February 3, where popularity of Formula 1 has been ballooning at a breakneck pace, largely galvanized by a Netflix series “Drive to Survive”.

In the matter of the fact, latest decision from Red Bull to unveil their 2023 F1 car in the US, has been against the tradition of Formula 1, as Formula 1 teams are based on Europe and they usually launch their new cars in European cities.

Nonetheless, as Red Bull’s latest move went against the F1 tradition, several F1 analysts were quoted saying following reveal of the media topline that the Red Bull F1 team might look to stretch out their fan base across the North America.

Red Bull F1 team to launch their 2023 car in New York

On top of that, future top-tier sponsors would highly likely to be based in the US contemplating the figures appeared in Austin GP, while the FIA had decided to hold three F1 events this year including a Saturday night Las Vegas sprint.

In tandem, sources close to Red Bull were quoted saying in condition of anonymity that the reigning F1 champion would likely to unleash a revised livery alongside a brand-new team kit for the current F1 double drivers’ championship title holder Max Verstappen alongside his teammate Sergio Perez.

Contemplating the Red Bull F1 team’s trend to name their previous cars, 2023 Red Bull F1 team might be called as RB19, suggested F1 analysts.