Haas’ Steiner reveals why he didn’t offer reserve role to Schumacher

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Haas’ Steiner reveals why he didn’t offer reserve role to Schumacher

Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner has recently unveiled why he did not offer Schumacher a reserve role at Haas adding that the proposal would be a “a bit cheap”. After having been botched to meet up the team’s expectation, Haas parted ways with Schumacher last season.

Apart from a sustenance in poor run of forms, Schumacher broke two cars last season, eventually costing Haas a large chuck of money. Besides, the rookie, who often had failed to pass through qualifying one, had been warned just before summer break that he could not just continue to break off his F1 cars.

Schumacher had rounded off his catastrophic season at sixteenth in drivers’ championship title race with 12 points among rookies likes of Tsunoda and Zhou.

Guenther Steiner explains why he didn’t offer Schumacher a reserve role

If truth is to be spoken, following a cascade of crashes apart from a persistent poor run of form, a low-budget Haas had to bring in the veteran Hulkenberg into the team for 2023.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with GPFans, while being asked whether he had offered Schumacher a reserve role, Steiner, the 57-year-old Haas’ boss said, “I didn’t ask him, to be honest. It’s always difficult for somebody, if you have driven for a team, to then be relegated to reserve driver.

I don’t think he would be happy with that. He didn’t approach me about that, and I didn’t want to [approach him about it]. It’s a bit cheap to ask him, ‘We won’t let you drive the car, but would you like to be the reserve driver’”.