Nyck de Vries reflects on his relationship with Verstappen, “Max is my big brother”

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Nyck de Vries reflects on his relationship with Verstappen, “Max is my big brother”

Nyck de Vries, the 27-year-old Dutch racing driver who would have his first full-time Formula 1 season this year with AlphaTauri F1 team, had recently reflected on his relationship with the reigning F1 double drivers’ championship title holder Max Verstappen adding “Max is my big brother in F1 paddock” Verstappen’s fellow Dutchman, Nyck de Vries who had joined Mercedes F1 team as a reserve after winning the 2020-21 Formula E world championship, had said in the interview session that the two Dutchmen grew up together.

Nyck de Vries illustrates his relationship with Max Verstappen

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview for AlphaTauri website, orchestrating his close tie with the reigning F1 double champion Max Verstappen, Nyck de Vries said, “Max and I have known each other since a very young age as we grew up karting at a similar time, although we’ve never actually raced against each other," de Vries said in an AlphaTauri website Q&A session, “We have a great relationship, the way we grew up in racing, with our fathers being very involved and karting through Europe has been very similar and we have a great respect for each other.

We’re obviously from the same country, speak the same language and we just get along. Despite the fact that I’m older, it almost feels like Max is my big brother within the Formula 1 paddock. He’s obviously achieved a lot and has so much experience already”.

Besides, addressing to his tumultuous career which has been marred with a mirage of ups and downs, de Vries added, “There have been a lot of highs and low. If I were to name one highlight I’d say it was winning F2, it’s the championship you live towards for most of your career.

Your dream growing up is to make it to F1, and F2 is the last step before that, so it was an important championship for me to win”.