Toto Wolff deals fresh blow to Horner: “I live in his head rent-free”

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Toto Wolff deals fresh blow to Horner: “I live in his head rent-free”

In the latest sign of an escalation of a tug-of-war between Red Bull’s Horner and Mercedes’ Wolff, Wolff said in a recent interview with a press agency that he has reasons to believe he lives in Horner’s head rent-free, exaggerating a deep-rooted rivalry that had worsened since the 2021 season finale where Red Bull won their first F1 title in a dubitable Abu Dhabi GP.

If truth is being spoken, a number of analysts are still saying that the 2021 title had been robbed from the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Wolff says he lives in Horner’s head rent-free

However, as the 2023 season has been set to begin in less than 1-1/2 months with Bahrain pre-season tests, a war of words appeared to have begun already with Wolff and Horner exchanging fresh barbs.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with the Times, while being asked about the Red Bull F1 team chief Christian Horner, the Mercedes’ boss Wolff said, “I am living in his head rent-free.

The guy is obsessed. Every second that I spend on talking about Horner is a waste of time in my life. “I have great moments in F1. I love the team, I love the challenge. But what I really love is my family. I have three children, who are 21, 18, and five years old.

Having the family together is what gives me the greatest enjoyment. And with my wife [Susie Wolff] I have found the perfect partner. My wife can drive cars faster than I. But that is the least of her attributes. We are total soulmates”.