De Vries reveals how “older brother”- like Verstappen offered support in Monza debut

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De Vries reveals how “older brother”- like Verstappen offered support in Monza debut

Nyck de Vries, the 27-year-old Dutch motorsports driver who would have his first F1 season as a full-time racer with Red Bull breeder AlphaTauri F1 team, had recently unveiled how his fellow Dutchman Verstappen had helped him during last year’s Italian GP.

De Vries won the 2020-21 Formula E drivers’ championship title race and the F1 breeder F2 title back in 2019.

De Vries reflects on how Verstappen has helped him during 2022 Italian GP

If truth is spoken, de Vries was thrown into deep water on last year's Italian GP, as he had been called to drive at the last moment.

Nonetheless, despite a sheer lack of experience in F1, the toughest format of racing across the globe, de Vries’ driving had curetted praises from a flurry of F1 officials and analysts, while he had finished the race with two points as well.

Meanwhile, speaking on the F1 podcast “Beyond the Grid,” reflecting on the held that he had had from the reigning F1 double champion Max Verstappen, de Vries said, “We’ve [Verstappen and I have] known each other since we were kids.

We’ve grown up in the same era of racing. We, I think, approached karting and racing in our earlier years, very similar. We both travelled around in a van with our dads. We just really respected each other and we saw each other every weekend, pretty much.

But strangely, because Max is obviously two years younger than me, we never raced against each other. So, Monza was actually the first time in our lives we raced against each other, and ironically, we even ended up next to each other on the grid.

We were texting about it… on Saturday evening and we were texting again on Sunday morning. On the grid he came to see me, kind of as an older brother does, he came to me and just encouraged me a bit, which was very kind. He’s been very supportive”