Felipe Massa: It was difficult to work with Fernando Alonso

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Felipe Massa: It was difficult to work with Fernando Alonso
Felipe Massa: It was difficult to work with Fernando Alonso (Provided by Financial World)

Felipe Massa talked about many topics in an interview with swiatwyscigow.pl. Felipe Massa confirmed that Alonso was his most difficult teammate. Felipe did not forget to praise Fernando Alonso and the qualities that he clearly possesses, but unfortunately, Alonso had a difficult character and there were huge problems within the team.

Everyone suffered because of it, but it is now a part of the past and it must be admitted that both had great careers. "Yes, for sure. First of all, he was an amazing driver. There's nothing you can say. But it was quite difficult to work together inside the team, you know.

Actually, the team was split in the middle. And in the end, it was not good for the results of the team and also, for me. I didn't feel strong enough to work, to make the team listen to me. That was quite hard. But anyway, there was also some learning as well."- Felipe Massa said.

Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa

Michael Schumacher was also his teammate and he has only fond memories of that period. Massa had a lot to learn from the German who was dominating F1 tracks at the time. Both of them were a great tandem and a great story of Formula 1.

Unfortunately, today's F1 scene lacks such faces and talents, although there are still some. He added: "It was great. I mean, it was a great experience. It was a great time to be able to be teammates with Michael Schumacher. I learned a lot from him.

"He was an amazing driver. The way he worked... we were very close as well. In the end I was lucky to be part of that experience." Massa is one of the better drivers in F1 history. We all know what he did and what talent he had. There were some things that will be discussed later.

Fernando Alonso