Lewis Hamilton: "I was bullied because I was black, they threw bananas at me"

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Lewis Hamilton: "I was bullied because I was black, they threw bananas at me"

British F1 star Lewis Hamilton opened up about his past during the On Purpose podcast, pointing out how he was bullied. During the interview, the Mercedes driver recounted some very difficult episodes. He told: "I was bullied in school because I was black.

For me, school was the most traumatic and difficult part of my life. It targeted me as early as age 6. I was one of the few black kids and the older, louder, more bossy kids teased me most of the time, they hit me all the time, threw things at me, like bananas, and called me nigger or mestizo.

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion then added: "In my secondary school there were 6 or 7 black boys out of 1,200 children, three of us were always put out of the principal's office. The principal took it out on us and especially with me.

I felt the system was against me. There were a lot of things that I kept inside. I didn't feel like going home and telling my parents that these kids kept calling me nigger or that I was a victim being bullied, or even worse being hit.

I didn't want my dad to think I was weak." British Mercedes driver had finished all seasons with at least one podium finish. The 7-time F1 world champion driver failed to surpass Michael Schumacher in the record for most consecutive years with at least one success, equaling the German with 15 seasons.

In a previous interview, he told: " We've been through several difficult situations this year and I think the journey has been the most important part and, for me, we're still winners. Obviously not in terms of numbers, but I think that all team members are.

They all dug in, gave their all. No one gave up, and they all overcame the hardships of not being in the front row. I'm proud of all of them. To me that means more victory in every single race. Frustration with not being able to win this season? Honestly not because we had so many experiences during the year that I felt like we had won.

In those moments, we were so euphoric that finishing 5th, 4th or finally getting on the podium was almost equivalent to a victory."