McLaren aim to be Formula 1 title contender by 2025, says team boss Brown

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McLaren aim to be Formula 1 title contender by 2025, says team boss Brown

McLaren F1 team boss Zak Brown had said in a recent interview that he has all the weapons to engage in a title-wrestle by 2025. If truth is to be spoken, McLaren had witnessed a poor run of form over past decade, while their last F1 championship victory had been won by a 22-year-old Lewis Hamilton back in the 2008.

However, Mclaren F1 team boss Brown believes the fortune of wheel of his team might change in a near-future.

Brown says McLaren will be title contender by 2025

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency ahead of the new season which is set to begin on March 5 with Bahrain GP, Brown said, “I think we're two to three years away.

I'd love this year to look like '21, mixing it up with the top three. But we still don't have all of our technology infrastructure in place. "By '24, we will have had it in place but not for the entire development of the '24 car.

So '24 I'd like to think would be a good step forward, where I think we could be mixing it up on a more regular basis. Then in '25 we have everything we need -- drivers, people, resources, wind tunnel, simulator. There's no reason why, on paper, we shouldn't be in a position to be challenging at the front on a regular basis by '25.

That's certainly our ambition. There were some investments we would make as a Formula One team that we chose not to make, because we made them into our wind tunnel. So it's just not been an optimal operating situation, which will change here middle of the year.

When I took over as CEO in 2016 that was coming off of the worst year in the history of McLaren, ninth, our fans were disappointed in us, morale in the factory was low, we had very little sponsorship. Five years later, we've won a race, almost won another, we've had a pole, we've had nine podiums, we've been third, fourth, fifth, we've been mixing it up at the front,” added Brown.

Nonetheless, 2021 Italian GP had been the McLaren F1 team’s last win since the final race of 2012.