Lewis Hamilton Reflects on a Challenging Year and Looks Ahead to 2023

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Lewis Hamilton Reflects on a Challenging Year and Looks Ahead to 2023

The Mercedes F1 team, consisting of drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, have taken the first steps towards the new season by logging their initial kilometers at the Pirelli testing at the Paul Ricard circuit. The team was joined by other competitors, including Alpha Tauri.

Hamilton and Russell Take the Wheel

Russell took the wheel of the W13 on Wednesday, with Hamilton taking over the following day. In an interview with reporters, the seven-time champion admitted that he struggled during the previous season, but viewed it as a learning experience.

"It was more complicated than we expected, but I'm grateful for it because it has made me grow internally more than any other season," Hamilton acknowledged, reports Marca. "For the team, in terms of the last ten years, it was the toughest year but also the one that has strengthened us the most.

There have been a lot of things we've had to fight against, but I'm thankful we've done it. This experience has been good for everyone."

The Champion's Optimism

Hamilton spoke of his unwavering belief in the Mercedes team and their ability to overcome challenges.

"I always knew we could do it," he stated. "I never doubted that we would be there in the end, but there has been a lot of trial and error during the year." He went on to explain how the team has grown through their struggles, letting go of egos and improving communication and relationships.

"At times, the improvements didn't work but we've learned and grown. We've failed, we've let go of egos and strengthened our communication and relationships."

Looking Ahead to 2023

Hamilton expressed his excitement for the 2023 season, stating that "It's a year to be better, to move forward, to keep fighting and to unite even more." He added that the team's success in overcoming obstacles and returning to their winning ways has only increased his hunger for success. The new season of Formula 1 begins in March.

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