Ford Partnership is a big moment for Red Bull, says team boss Horner


Ford Partnership is a big moment for Red Bull, says team boss Horner

On Friday, Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner unveiled during the team’s 2023 car launch ceremony that the F1 team’s latest strategic partnership with Ford Motor Corp, “is a big moment” for the reigning constructors’ title championship holder.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Red Bull F1 Chief Horner shortly followed Ford Motor Corp’s announcement that the automaking industry giant would return into the F1 grid by 2025 in partnership with Red Bull, while the tie-up would largely focus on the engine development division of Red Bull, the Red Bull Powertrains.

Horner says Ford tie-up is a “big moment for Red Bull”

Meanwhile, followed by the Ford statement, Red Bull F1 chief Horner said in the stage of Red Bull’s 2023 launch ceremony beside Ford Chief Jim Farley, “I mean this is tremendous excitement.

It’s a big moment for us, for Red Bull, for Red Bull Powertrains. As we start the journey for 2026 and welcome the Ford brand back into the Formula One, Red Bull and Ford engine power unit would be incredibly exciting for us.

Having the ability to draw in your (Ford) experience, your knowledge and the resources, that’s tremendous excitement. I think that the first moment that we met and spoke and built Ford as well. It was very clear that there was natural synergy between the two companies and it was a very easy deal to put together, because the desire… from both sides.

We are incredibly excited for next chapter of Red Bull, as we bring in the power unit into Red Bull with your (Ford) support”. Ford Motor Corp., the third-largest US automaker behind Tesla Inc and GM, is set to return into the Formula 1 arena by 2025.

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