Verstappen says Ford-Red Bull partnership are a great match

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Verstappen says Ford-Red Bull partnership are a great match

Max Verstappen, the reigning double F1 drivers’ championship title holder, has said to the reporters late on Sunday that “Red Bull and Ford are a good match”. In point of fact, latest remarks from the 25-year-old flying Dutchman, who appeared to be on top of his form last year, came forth just days after Ford Motor Corp had announced its partnership deal with Red Bull on the stage of Red Bull’s 2023 car launch event.

Aside from that, Red Bull boss Horner was quoted saying shortly after the announcement that the latest move from Ford Motor Corp, which in effect would witness a return of the US automaker into F1 by 2026, is “a big moment for Red Bull”.

Nevertheless, late on Sunday, Verstappen had reflected on the deal saying that the 2026 would be “a very important year for Red Bull”.

Verstappen says Ford and Red Bull are a great match

Meanwhile, speaking with the reporters late on Sunday, while being asked to unfurl his opinion over the deal, the 25-year-old said, “I think to build that relationship and to be fully ready in 2026, because we know that it's a very important year - that's why it's good that we start now”.

While being asked whether Verstappen was aware of a potential merger talks between Red Bull and Ford, the reigning double F1 champion said, “Of course I spoke to Christian [Horner] and Helmut [Marko] and I knew a couple of months ago [that] it started to be very serious.

Then it's still about putting the deal together. But I have to say that once you want to commit, and you're very excited about it, then that [deal] can happen very quickly”. Besides, expressing an out and out optimism over the tie-up, Verstappen said, “Their way of thinking, performance, commitment.

They're all very excited and you need to have everyone excited for the project. I think that's why it's amazing that they're on board and they've shown in the past how they really are a big brand in the sport. So, I have no doubt that we can continue that”.

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