Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton looks the best in the last 10 years

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Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton looks the best in the last 10 years
Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton looks the best in the last 10 years

Many F1 fans are wondering how Lewis Hamilton will look this season. They are not optimistic about his performances, but Toto Wolff is a man who has a lot of confidence in the Briton and believes that Hamilton can do great things this season.

What is most important for Wolff and Mercedes is the fact that Hamilton has the necessary quality, but also experience, which could be a decisive factor in the fight for the top. “How he appears to me is in great form, very positive, motivated, energised, maybe the best so far I’ve seen in those 10 years after the winter,” Wolff said, as quoted by “He knows what he has win the team, we won eight constructor titles in a row, and I’m not saying anything you don’t know, we got it wrong last year.

The resource, the capability is there, we just need to continue to develop like we’ve done last season, so I don’t think it plays in Lewis’ mind any doubt that the team can perform. We will. Eventually”.

Mercedes' performance

Mercedes disappointed many with their performances last season. They could not achieve their goals, and Red Bull had a huge advantage over them. Wolff believes that this experience will be of great importance for what follows.

An interesting season awaits us, we have no doubt about that. “I think what’s great in the team is that there is so much energy and so much motivation, because after many successful years you always run the risk that it becomes normal, or the baseline to win, and we were taught a tough lesson last year that you’ve got to just be the best yourself, the best team, in order to fight this phenomenal competition,” he added. “Therefore getting it wrong last year I believe will be good long-term”.

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