Toto Wolff on predictions for the new season

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Toto Wolff on predictions for the new season
Toto Wolff on predictions for the new season

Toto Wolff is an optimist before the new season and believes that Mercedes can be the same again. Although they are not completely satisfied with the testing in Bahrain, Wolff thinks that they have learned from it. "We didn't have the smoothest winter test in Bahrain," -Wolff said as quoted by "We had some reliability problems and struggled with the car set-up on day two.

But the key objective was to learn about the car, and we did lots of learning. We made good progress on the final day, which gave us directions to work on in the short period between the test and this weekend's race."

Testing and predictions

Based on testing, it is difficult to predict what the course of the season will be like, but the leaders of Mercedes are optimistic.

"It's always hard to have a clear picture of competitiveness at pre-season testing - and even more so with only three days of data available. Our expectations were that we would likely be playing catch-up to the front, based on how last year ended.

That seems to be the case so far but we will only know for sure after this weekend. Nevertheless, we are confident we have got a car we can work with and are in a stronger position than 12 months ago. More importantly, we are relishing the challenge.

This championship will be fought over 23 race weekends, and each one will give us an opportunity to improve." They worked a lot on the car during the break. They gave their best, they tried to improve every aspect. We will see if they really succeeded in that.

"The start of a new season is always exciting, whether you've been working in this sport for a few decades, years or weeks," he said. "So much hard work has gone into the W14 over the winter and the anticipation to be get racing has kept on building.

We will be going flat out this weekend - and are determined to keep that going to the final lap in Abu Dhabi."

Toto Wolff

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