Toto Wolff: The Lewis Hamilton situation, you heard him on the radio

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Toto Wolff: The Lewis Hamilton situation, you heard him on the radio
Toto Wolff: The Lewis Hamilton situation, you heard him on the radio

There have been a lot of talks lately about Lewis Hamilton and his new contract. It is difficult to predict whether the Briton will extend his contract with Mercedes, which expires this year. A few days ago, Hamilton "calmed the passions" and revealed that he is ready to give everything for Mercedes and that his "bad car" cannot be a reason for him not to decide to extend his contract.

Toto Wolff reacted to the journalist's question, whether he thinks about who could be another option if Hamilton does not extend his contract: "I think there is no point talking about the driver situation in 2024. That is far too early.

We need all to all push in the same directions, the drivers, the engineers, all of us management. Rather than throwing in the towel, we're not doing that. We never have done that and we will not be doing that. The Lewis situation, you heard him on the radio.

I think he's an integral part of the team, picking the team up and we're all sticking together and I don't think that's going to change just because we had another start that was really bad. We won eight constructors’ championships and we won six drivers’ championships with him.

That relationship holds."- Wolff said, as quoted by

Toto Wolff on his drivers

Wolff aims to provide its drivers with what they need in these moments. If they have a good car and good results, that could be the best motive for a new contract.

"I think it would be much too easy to lose a driver and then just throw in the white towel. We're not doing that. On the contrary, we just need to really dig deep and deeper than we've ever done, and provide both drivers a car that they're actually able to fight with. You almost feel for them."

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