Helmut Marko: The world championship title is out of reach for Mercedes

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Helmut Marko: The world championship title is out of reach for Mercedes
Helmut Marko: The world championship title is out of reach for Mercedes

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is not optimistic about the future of Mercedes. Marko believes that Mercedes needs huge changes if they want to be competitive. It is difficult to change some things in a short period of time, and they will need patience, but also finding a solution as quickly as possible.

The world championship title is out of reach for Mercedes, Marko said, as quoted by crash.net “Mercedes does not have one problem with its concept for the new season, but several. The solution did not come over the winter.

You can't design two or three cars. If a completely new car comes now, it will be difficult from the financial limits. And the new car will not be competitive from the beginning, that has to be further developed. They lack the three test days and the racing experience."

Helmut Marko on Ferrari: There is actually no progress

Marko was also sharp, mentioning their probably biggest rival this season; Ferrari.

Marko is not an optimist even for the Italian team and believes that they are not making any progress. However, it is too early to pass any judgment, given that this is only the beginning of the season. From previous experiences,the beginning knew to say a lot, but let's wait and see what happens.

Red Bull is certainly the main favorite. "On a single lap they are there, they will certainly take away the pole position from us one time or another,” he added. “But there is actually no progress. All these euphoric voices that make us world champions [is] completely exaggerated.

Bahrain, the scene of the first race, is a special track in terms of tyre wear. The race there was good for us. But that doesn't mean that the rest of the races will be the same." An exciting continuation of the season awaits us, in which the Dutchman will probably lead the way; Max Verstappen. We hope that this season the race for the title will be much more interesting than the previous ones.

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